Learning trekking easier and cheaper with Moocs method.

Difficulties of the trekking. Honestly and without grimaces.

It is necessary to cany a heavy backpack. The shoulders are gradually getting used to the load, but the weight is always pressing, especially when you are walking uphill. And it takes 6 … 8 hours a day. And tomorrow too…

Dirty, sometimes knee-deep, trails. Lying across the trail are trees. Stones and roots on the path and strive to turn your legs. Wandering cold rivers should be in shoes. The nights are cool and shivering, but there is nobody to warm it up. You can use best Police flashlight to get more light during the trekking.

Branches cling and tear clothes and body. The rains and the wind are ready to freeze you. The sun – are fry alive. And so it can be in turn for an hour.

To women: unwashed head, dirty clothes, no romance, no “comforts”, scratched hands and feet, men are mating, mosquitoes bite, and «no personal life”. And just hard! Loving nature happens in fragments, it is more necessary to look under the feet, so as not to roll your neck. And the leader-sadist again ran forward. Your head does not take into account your “logical reasoning”. Believe me, he knows better.

Positive sides. Well, not all is so “bad»…

It is so beautiful around only in the mountains. There, nature is untouched by civilization. Active outdoor movement is very useful. After the hike, it will be something new and interesting to tell friends, and then all the stories -about gossip and about “booze.”

There may be new Friends who have passed with you windbreaks, fords and passes. You understand that without a telephone and a TV7 you can live very much. You will learn a lot about yourself new. And good and not very … Something can be proud of! The physical form (in those who had it) is greatly improved.

I hope that these simple notes and tips can make your life easier during the hike.

And, accordingly, you will have more time to enjoy the wildlife. Unfortunately, the English – not my mother tongue. I maintain my notes in Spanish and Portuguese. Some notes may appear overly formalized, but that does not deprive them of their valuables.

A few simple rules in the hike

  • The leader of the hike is always right.
  • No one forced anyone to go on a campaign and even dissuaded.
  • Each participant carries his own backpack or goes home.
  • If the muscles hurt – it means they are, but it was possible to train better.
  • Collect firewood for the campfire all the participants of the hike, and not just the attendants. You can prepare some  best bipod for AR 15 to defense thief and beast.
  • Crying songs around the fire in the middle of the night is possible, but only in a whisper.
  • On the path, remember who goes behind you, because someone is also ahead.
  • Nature has no bad weather, and there is bad equipment.
  • There is no tasteless food, but there are unhappy tourists. You will also be on duty.
  • The thing left by the fire, has a habit of burning in it.
  • Attempts to cross the river on stones with dry boots result in a fall into the river.
  • A good stash is not superfluous, but a Hero of the day does.
  • Together, nobody is frozen in one sleeping bag.
  • Sometimes, it’s better to bypass than climb over, and it’s better to step over than to turn up.
  • The morning is wiser than the evening. It is better to sleep through a difficult decision.
  • If you forgot to take something, then you do not need it, but there can be problems.
  • In the campaign all are equal; there are no ages and posts.
  • For everything that happens to you, in the answer only you yourself.
  • The size of the problem depends on the size of the desire to solve it.
  • Most terrible beast is a Chipmunk.
  • The more isolated the terrain, the safer, cleaner and more beautiful.
  • Do not offend Nature – it may not calculate the strength and size of the surrender.
  • Parking after the group should remain clean, with a stock of firewood and without any forgotten things.
  • I would very much like you to follow these rules in any campaign.
  • Still no one was hurt by doing them.
  • And jww we will get acquainted with several practical recommendations for preparing for the campaign.
  • These are useful notes.
  • For example, I always try to follow them.
  • And till now I had everything in order.

Thank you for reading my short article about how to trek and useful tips that you have never forget to get a better trip with your family and friends. Cheers!

Update for you:

Interesting tips for backpacking

  • To begin with, buy digital scales of small size or digital bezmen. It is perfectly suitable scales with a load capacity7 of up to 10 kg. Now you can safely take your exact instrument to the store and weigh what you buy. Do not be afraid to scare sellers. And let them do not frighten you anymore, now everything is under control!
  • The most reliable and affordable way to lose weight is to reduce your own weight. A few pounds to lose are not difficult, and the ease and endurance
    that you will get is irreplaceable!
  • Think carefully about the list of equipment, much you can just leave at home!
  • Try to avoid fees at the last minute; this is the best way to avoid unnecessary and unnecessary things, for example, to sort out with clothes.
  • If you are planning to go camping with a companion, think over the general equipment, such as awning and dishes.
  • Develop your serving skills; be more creative, most of the expensive equipment can be made with your own hands.

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