Fall 2015 Conference
Save the date: Learning With MOOCs 2 will be held at Columbia University Teachers College on October 1-3, 2015. More details forthcoming. This site is the archive from the first conference held at MIT.

Fall 2014 Conference
The Fall 2014 conference is archived at http://webcast.amps.ms.mit.edu/fall2014/MOOCs/ .

Venue and Logistical information has been updated. The workshop will be held at 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA 02139. Please go here for more information.

Workshop Description
MOOCs have gone from a distant idea to a global phenomenon in less than five years. During this period MOOCs have innovated at a dazzling speed in content creation, delivery, feedback, testing and other aspects of the knowledge delivery process. The excitement of MOOCs has been the promise of learning at scale. As a result, the primary focus of the design of MOOCs to date has been on “scale”. We believe it is now time to focus our attention on the design for learning.

This workshop plans to bring together the educators, technologists, researchers, learning scientists, entrepreneurs, and funders of MOOCs to share their innovations, discuss the impact on education and to answer questions such as: How to best support students to learn in an online environment? How can MOOCs be successfully integrated with the traditional classroom experience? For which students and in what contexts are these courses most effective? What can we learn from the rich data streams generated by these platforms? How do we structure the learning activities to produce data streams that better support research?

Topics include, but are not restricted to:

· Creating and teaching with MOOCs
. Open content /open licensing and MOOCs
. Novel pedagogical processes with MOOCs
. Tools for collaboration, feedback, testing and content delivery
· Best practices in MOOCs
· Learning from experiments with MOOCs (including both successes and failures)
· Metrics of success for learners and instructors of MOOCs
· On campus use of MOOCs
· Evaluation of MOOCs
· Learning analytics and MOOCs
· Interactive activities in MOOCs
· Challenges facing MOOCs
· Expanding the learner community with MOOCs
· Learning research based on MOOCs
· Key research challenges

This workshop will be held in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday-Wednesday, August 12-13, 2014.

Application Instructions:
Applications for the workshop are now closed.

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